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Research Group for Coevlution of Plant and Insect

Our current research is the mutualism of figs-fig wasps. We mainly use molecular data (eg. sequencing, metabarcoding, genomics, transcriptome) to investigate the factors influencing gene flow and their impacts on the genetic variation of the fig and their symbiotic fig wasps over a broad range of temporal and spatial scales, then further to explore the species speciation of the figs and fig wasps. In addition, we are investigating geographic variation of all kinds of characters related to the mutualism, such as seed and pollinator, non-pollinator (whose larvae parasitize fig fruit)’s morphology and reproductive characters, odor compounds, and so on, try to know how the variation is influenced by climates and other environmental factors.
As a new and broad prospect of development group, the researchers who are good at bioinformatics and data analysis are welcome to join our team.

Principal Investigator: YU Hui (Chun Woon-Young Professor/Ph.D.)

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