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Research Group for Plant Species Diversity and Conservation

Based on plant taxonomy, The Research Group for Plant Species Diversity and Conservation at SCBG aims at the origin, evolvement and movement rules of species diversity by species inventory, biogeography and distribution pattern; studying the endangered mechanism of key taxa and the ways to relieve their endangered status by multidisciplinary methods; evaluation, filtration, exploitation and utilization of important plant resources according repertory and exploitation of national strategically plant resources.
Research interests:
1) Species diversity inventory in South China;
2) Distribution pattern, floristic characteristic, origin and evolvement of plant diversity in South China;
3) Principle and methodology of conservation for rare and endangered plants;
4) Taxonomy and conversation biology of key taxa such as Violaceae, Magnoliaceae, Orchidaceae and Ferns;
5) Evaluation, filtration, exploitation and utilization of important landscape plants resources;
6) Conservation biogeography (main in islands and Karst areas).

Principal Investigator: CHEN Hongfeng (Professor/Ph.D.)

Group Members:
WANG Faguo (Chun Woon-Young Professor/Ph.D.)
LIU Dongming (Associate Professor/Ph.D.)
YI Qifei (Associate Professor)
YE Wen (Chun Woon-Young Associate Professor/Ph.D.)
FU Lin (Assistant Professor/Ph.D.)
DUAN Lei (Assistant Professor/Ph.D.)

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