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Research Group for Plant Molecular Systematics and Evolution

Research Group of Plant Molecular Systematics and Evolution reconstructs the phylogenetic tree of the interested vascular plants, mainly including ferns, Annonaceae, Poaceae and Rubiaceae, based on the combination of the data from multi-genomic DNA sequences and morphological, anatomical, palynological, cytological and palaeobotanical characters, so as to reveal their intrinsic relationships, uncover their origin and dispersal rules, and discuss the evolutionary trend of the macro-morphological characters.

Principal Investigator: Wang Ruijiang(Professor/Ph.D.)

Group Members:
Liu Qing (Chen-Huanyong Professor/Ph.D.)
Dong Shiyong (Associate Professor/Ph.D.)
Xue Bin’e (Chen-Huanyong Associate Professor/Ph.D.)
Xu Yuan (Assistant Professor/Ph.D.)

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