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Research Group for Plant Structural and Developmental Biology

Research Group of Plant Structural and Developmental Biology focuses on the evolutional significance of plant structural and developmental features to understand plant structural functions, evolution, systematics and phylogeny, with an emphasis on flower organogenesis and vegetative structure. The group aims to using the comparative anatomical research at the level of cell, tissue, organ, and whole plant to reveal the mechanisms of plant structure and development ,the structural pattern of both vegetative and reproductive organs, the evolution of reproductive system of the basal and specified angiosperms, including Magnoliaceae and Zingiberaceae and their relatives, and the evolutional relationship of plant structural characters and species.

Principal Investigator: Liao Jingping(Professor / Ph.D.)

Group Members:
Xu Fengxia (Professor/Ph.D.)
Zou Pu (Chen-Huanyong Associate Professor/Ph.D.)
Liu Huanfang (Assistant Professor/Ph.D.)
Kuang Yanfeng (Assistant Professor/Ph.D.)

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