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Research Group for Soil Science and Ecological Engineering

Research Group for Soil Science and Ecological Engineering has been engaged in areas of element processes of forest ecosystems, carbon sequestration in plantation soils, phytoremediation of heavy metal contaminated soil, restoration of degraded lands. It also undertakes engineering of restoration of various degraded ecosystems. The Research Group has a well equipped soil laboratory with a suite of chemical analysis capabilities, including main equipments of ICP(Optima2000), flow-injection analysis(QC8000, Lachat), TOC analyzer (TOC-VCSH), element analyzer (PE-2400). It also manages a field station, Xiaoliang Research Station of Tropical Coastal Ecosystems, Chinese Academy of Sciences. In the station, several field experimental platforms including rainfall manipulation, nitrogen/phosphorus addition and coastal shelter plantations have been established. It has a green house and 2000 m2 cultivated land for research.

Principal Investigator: LI Zhi'an(Professor /Ph.D.)

Group Members:

XIA Hanping (Professor/Ph.D.)
ZHUANG Ping (Associate Professor/Ph.D.)
WANG Fangming (Associate Professor/Ph.D.)
ZOU Bi (Assistant Professor)
LI Xiaobo (Assistant Professor/Ph.D.)


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