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Research Group for Ecosystem Management

The group of ecosystem management was established in 2002. Its major interests are to study the responses of various ecosystems to global changes and human activities, so as to provide theoretical basis for ecosystem management and sustainable development. Under the plan and design by Prof. Mo Jiangming, the group has expanded the studies on how atmospheric nitrogen deposition affects forest ecosystems in China at first. Currently, researches are mainly focused on the responses of forest ecosystem structures and functions to elevated nitrogen deposition, and biogeochemical cycle of key elements (e.g. C, N, P) and their retention mechanisms in ecosystems.

Principal Investigator: MO Jiangming(Professor / Ph.D.)
Group Members:
LU Xiankai (Chun Woon-Young Professor/Ph.D.)
ZHANG Wei (Associate Professor/Ph.D.)
HUANG Juan (Chun Woon-Young  Associate Professor/Ph.D.)

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