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Research Group for Forest Ecology and Simulation

Forest Ecology and Simulation Group focus on the responses of forest ecosystems to global changes and the mechanisms.
(1) To explore the coordination mechanism between tree xylem formation dynamics and primary growth within the growing season and further quantify their relationships with climate factors.
(2) To quantify the relationships between tree radial growth and climate factors, competition as well as other factors.
(3) To investigate the response of tree phenology to climate change and further predict the species distribution within the context of global warming.
(4) To predict the tree growth, forest composition and structure within the context of climate change and provide a scientific basis for further assessment of forest productivity and carbon sequestration potential and global carbon balance.

Principal Investigator: HUANG Jianguo (Professor/Ph.D.)

Group Members:
MA Qianqian (Assistant Professor/Ph.D.)
ZHU Huoxing (Assistant Professor/Ph.D.)

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