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Research Group for Plant Metabolomics

In nature, various abiotic and biotic stresses are involved in growth of plants. Some plants have developed efficient strategies to overcome these stresses. For example, plants synthesize a multitude of specialized (secondary) metabolites that contribute to adaptation to their environment stress. Research Group for Plant Metabolomics focuses on the biochemical pathways involved in the production of the specialized metabolites induced by the abiotic and biotic stresses, the enzymes that catalyze them, and the genes that encode these enzymes using metabolomics method and combination of proteomics and genomics methods. The information will contribute to improvement of stress tolerance in crops.

Principal Investigator: YANG Ziyin(Professor / Ph.D.)

Group Members:
ZHOU Yin (Associate Professor/Ph.D.)
MEI Xin (Assistant Professor/Master)
FU Xiumin (Assistant Professor/Master)



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