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Research Group for Molecular Genetics of Medicinal Plant

Research Group for Molecular Genetics of Medicinal Plant focuses on studying the molecular mechanism of medicinal plants (licorice and wolfberry) in a Resource-Research-Resolution (3R mode system) manner. the group also study the directional regulation of plants secondary metabolites in order to sustainably utilize medicinal plants. The research topics include:
1) collection and evaluation of Licorice and wolfberry wild resource;
2) the molecular biosynthetic and regulatory mechanism of secondary metabolites;
3) the molecular mechanism of environmental factors on the secondary metabolites accumulation;
4) cultivation and creation of medicinal cultivar(s) with health care function;
5) security and effectiveness evaluation of medicinal plants resources.

Principal Investigator: WANG Ying(Professor / Ph.D.)

Group Members:
CHEN Feng (Professor)
YUAN Ling (Professor/Ph.D./Well-known overseas scholars)
ZENG Shaohua (Chun Woon-Young Professor/Ph.D.)



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