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Research Group of Natural Product Chemical Biology

Research group of Natural Products Chemistry & Chemical Biology is centered on the discovery of biologically active natural products from Chinese medicinal plants and microbes to develop them either as pharmaceutical products (purified small molecules or synthesized analogs) or as functional foods, nutraceuticals or healthy supplements (based on whole plant extracts or partially purified fractions). Our emphasis has been placed on the development of natural product drugs with novel Mode of Action (MOA) for the prevention and treatment of the life-threaten diseases such as cancer, genetic diseases, cardiovascular diseases, inflammation, infective diseases, and metabolism disorders in meddle-aged and elderly population.

Principal Investigator: QIU Shengxiang(Professor / Ph.D.)

Group Members:
XU Zhifang (Associate Professor / Ph.D.)
HUANG Riming(Assistant Professor / Ph.D.)
ZHU Yuehui(Assistant Professor / Ph.D.)

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