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Research Group for Ecosystem Physiology

To meet the strategic requirements of sustainable development of resource and eco-environment, Research Group of Ecosystem Physiology focuses research on important ecosystem processes during the re-vegetation of degraded ecosystems by centering on current focal issues arising from restoration ecology and global change and based on available research results from the interdisciplinary research of the two fields: carbon and water exchange between vegetation and atmosphere, nutrition cycle and storage, response and feedback of C sink / sources processes under changing environmental pressure. Our aim is to clarify mass exchange at different scales during the process of restoration of degraded ecosystem, as well as to illustrate the coupling mechanism between re-vegetat ion of degraded ecosystem in South China and global change.

Principal Investigator: ZHAO Ping(Professor / Ph.D.)

Group Members:
NI Guangyan (Chun Woon-Young  Associate Professor/Ph.D.)
ZHU Liwei (Chun Woon-Young  Associate Professor/Ph.D.)
OUYANG Lei (Assistant Professor/Ph.D.)

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