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Research Group for Biology of Phytochemical Resources

Phytochemicals offer a vast source of the pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and agrochemicals, and are, therefore, one of important natural resources. The Research Group for Biology of Phytochemical Resources at SCBG aims at preparation and collection of phytochemicals (include extracts, fractions and compounds). As well as to discover and develop bioactive natural products from Chinese tropical and subtropical plants and filamentous fungi through isolation, structure elucidation, and biological evaluation. Research of the group is currently focused on chemical structures and biological functions of plant and fungal secondary metabolites.

Principal Investigator: WEI Xiaoyi(Professor / Ph.D.)

Group Members:
XIE Haihui (Professor/Ph.D.)
WU Ping (Associate Professor/Ph.D.)
ZHOU zhongyu (Associate Professor/Ph.D.)
XUE Jinghua (Assistant Professor)
LI Hanxiang (Assistant Professor/Ph.D.)




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