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The last exhibition of LIAN Natural Paintings held in South China Botanical Garden

The Natural Artwork Show "Beautiful China, LIAN Nature",aims to present the beauty of China in the form of ecological paintings, reveal the vitality of the ecology with the brush of paintings, and awaken people's yearning for the beauty of nature. The exhibition started from the Beijing Botanical Garden and was held in 13 provincial and municipal botanical gardens, including Chengdu, Shanghai and Nanjing. The last exhibition was held on December 22 in the South China Botanical Garden, offering colorful beauty for the warm winter in Southern China.

Fig.1  Event poster:Wonderful Freehand Brushwork, Love of Nature

The mission of natural painting,a form to show the relationship of biological individuals, organisms and environment, is to convey the true beauty of nature. It is used to serve for botanical science. But with people's concern and love for nature, it began to be more popular. The theme of this art show is "Beautiful China, LIAN Nature", and "LIAN" has the meanings of "connection", "chain" and "lotus flower". It symbolizes the young generation of ecological painters led by ecological painting master Zeng Xiaolian, who leads to world of China's beautiful natural painting, and calls on everyone to love the earth, protect the environment and become a nature lover, a gentleman like a lotus flower.

This art show includes 56 artworks from several ecological painters led by famous ecological painter Zeng Xiaolian, including rare and endangered plants such as Angiopteris fokiensis,Saussurea involucrata, Ophiocordyceps sinensis and so on, as well as valuable ornamental Musella lasiocarpa, Meconopsis betonicifolia, collections of birds and insects. The paintings highly restore the shape and beauty of these plants and animals, achieving the perfection of science and art.

And each work is labeled with two-dimensional code. Through mobile phone scanner, people can get the characteristics information of the painted plants or animals, the degree of endangerment and the author's profile and other information.

Fig.2 Part of the artworks

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