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Beautiful Galsang Flower from Plateau--Western Student Exploration Camp

In November 2018,SCBG welcomed a group of special guests: 46 children from Galsang Flower Western Student Exploration Camp, Zaduo County, Yushu, Qinghai Province. They dressed in bright-colored Tibetan costumes, just as beautiful as the Galsang flowers blooming on the plateau.

Fig.1 The children took a group photo in front of the Conservatory.

Researcher Liao Jingping, deputy director of Gardening Center, SCBG , warmly welcomed the children's arrival.After the opening ceremony, the science teacher of SCBG took the children to visit conservatory to see the rare plants from all over the world. The children are very curious about the plants in the greenhouse. The spectacular single-tree forestation, the mysterious hanging phenomenon, the huge palm plants with leaves, the spiny cactus and so on are totally different from the prairie where they grew up. Everything is new to them! When they came to the alpine conservatory, they saw the familiar plants from their hometown: primrose, gentian and Saussurea involucrata etc. They were proud to share the story of the plateau.

Fig.2 For the first time, the Tibetan children get to know these tropical rain forest plants and desert plants closely.

On the lawn, teachers led children to play interesting Evolution theory games—they experienced from a frog egg to a tadpole, then grew hind legs, and finally became a frog. Through playing games,they learn the knowledge and get to understand the wonder and hardship of biological evolution in the mother nature.

Fig.3 Play with the falling flowers of Bougainvillea glabra.

Fig.4 With wings,the seeds of Vatica mangachapoi can fly.

By reading the interesting science books, the teacher try to introduce the past and present life of a leaf - a short and wonderful life. Next came the small experiment of plant discoloration, which children were most interested in. First boil the Purple Cabbage to extract pigments, and then mix the extracted pigments with vinegar, soda water and carbonated water, we could see a magical chemical reaction——The original transparent water has changed into purple, blue and pink. What a surprise! The studentes were empressed by this magic experiment and learn the basic principle.
The next activity was to make the leaf specimens. The teacher introduced the method of removing the mesophyll tissue from the leaves. With a small brush, they turned a green leaf into a clear vein artwork. Then they dyed it into their favorite color and made a unique beautiful handicraft.

Fig.5 Children's smiles are the best reward for teachers.

With love, it was hard to say goodbye when came to the end. Before leaving, the children said a quiet word with sweetness to the teachers: "You are really amazing!"

Fig.6 With love of teachers and volunteers, this camp ended with happiness.

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