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Scholar from Australia Visits SCBG

Under the invitation of Prof. ZHANG Dianxiang, the curator of SCBG Herbarium, Dr. Joe Miller, a research scientist from CSIRO plant industry, Australia visited SCBG during May 10-15, 2010.

On May 12, Dr. Joe Miller delivered a lecture entitled "Application of Next Generation DNA sequencing to understand evolutionary processes in Acacia  (Leguminosae)". All the researchers and graduate students presented were much enlightened by the seminar. From May 13-14, Dr. Joe Miller made a field trip to Xiangtoushan Nature Reserve, accompanied by Zhang Dianxiang and other 4 scientiests of SCBG. During the field trip, the director of the Reserve ZHONG Xiangjing, discussed long-term cooperation with Zhang about research and collection of species between Xiangtoushan Nature Reserve and SCBG Herbarium.

During the visit, Dr. TU Tieyao showed Dr. Miller around the Herbarium and the Garden. Miller expressed high appreciation to SCBG’s beautiful scenery, exquisite landscaping, and the rich collection of specimens. He looks forward to further cooperation with SCBG.

Dr. Joe Miller is a research scientist of CPBR (Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research), CSIRO plant industry, Australia. His research interests are plant molecular systematics, especially polyploid species complexes, functional genomics of plant-animal interactions, application of new technologies in systematics research. More details please see

Dr. Joe Miller makes a report.

Group photo.


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