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Molecular Analysis and Genetic Improvement Center

The Molecular Analysis and Genetic Improvement Center (MAGIC) was formed in 2012 by merging six molecular biology research groups (Plant Gene Engineering Center, Energy Plant Lab, Plant Nutrition Physiology Lab, Plant Pathology Lab, Plant Mineral Metabolism Lab, and Phytohormone Regulation Lab). Although each lab has distinct research interests, a shared goal among the groups is to improve biotic and abiotic stress tolerance of crop plants for food, feed or fuel. In the years to come, MAGIC aims to expand with additional research groups that can complement existing research focuses.

Center Director:

David W. OW(Ph.D., Professor)
Tel: 8620-37085863 Fax: 8620-37083316

Executive Deputy Center Director:

WU Guojiang (Ph.D., Professor)
Tel: 8620-37252703

Deputy Center Director:

LI Jianxiong (Ph.D., Professor)
Tel & Fax: 8620-37252535

Reserarch Groups
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