Jatropha pandurifolia

Update time: 2010-05-21
Jatropha pandurifolia (Jatropha pandurifolia Andrews), Euphorbiaceae. A shrub with small flowers surrounded by bright red bracts. Evergreen shrubs, 1-1.5m tall, with lactescence. Leaves simple, alternative, oblanceolate, often fascicled on the terminal of stems. Flowers arranged in cymes, unisexual, monoecious, central flowers female, lateral 4-6 male, female flowers bloom early than male ones in each cyme; petals 5, rose or pink. Its Cherry-Blossom-like flowers are very small, but the flowering period is very long and almost in all the year. It is called "Ri Ri Ying", that the Chinese name means "Every-day-flowered Cherry Blossom". Distributed in West Indies.
Jatropha pandurifolia
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